Road Route maps provided here are offered as suggested Road Ride routes local to Cambridge and our general riding area.

Maps are provided as image or .pdf files that can be downloaded or, in some cases, linked to RideWithGPS maps that can be viewed with an online device.

We will eventually be converting all our route maps to interactive maps on RideWithGPS. You do not require an account to view these.

PClyde Park/Westover/Sheffield - 51K
VClyde Park/Valens/Sager Rd - 46K
ZClyde Park/8th Conc/Shellard Rd - 47K   
Clyde Park/Sheffield/Westover - 51K   
H1Clyde Park/Easy Ride - 48K
O1Clyde Park/Valens/Sheffield - 40K    NEW
CMyers Rd/Lynden - 44K
DGRC/Sheffield - 63K
FMyers Rd/St. George/Scenic Dr/Branchton - 58K    NEW
GClyde Park/Safari Rd/Sheffield - 51K
 IMyers Rd/Maple Manor Rd/East River Rd/Branchton - 53K
LHespeler/Guelph - 64K
NMyers Rd/Lynden - Long - 64K     Myers Rd/Harrisburg - Short - 55K 
XClyde Park/Safari Sisters - Long - 66K     Clyde Park/Safari Rd - Short - 56K 
YClyde Park/Harrisburg - Long - 68K     Clyde Park/Harrisburg - Short - 53K     
 B1Clyde Park/Moffat - 65K
C1Southwood/Sandhills - Long - 71K      Southwood/Sandhills - Short - 57K 

Southwood/Paris/Mile Hill - Long 68K  Southwood/Paris/Ayr - Short 56K  


Southwood/Ayr - 34K    NEW

AGRC/Wellington Rd 36/Moffat v.1 - 72K
BTour De Milton - 100K
ESouthwood/Paris/Ayr - 67K
HGRC/Moffat v.2 - Long - 75K    GRC/Moffat v.2 - Short - 57K
JClyde Park/St. George/Safari Sisters- 70K
KGRC/Carlisle/Freelton - Long - 102K    GRC/Freelton - Short - 70K 
MSouthwood/New Dundee - 72K
OGRC/St. George Coffee Run - 74K 
QSouthwood/Paris/Roseville - 74K   NEW
RRockton/Dundas/Burlington - 80K
SMennonite Church/Elora - 81K       
TGRC/Moffat v.3 - 73K
UCambridge/Elora - 86K
WSouthwood/Tavistock - 113K
D1Southwood/Haysville/Plattsville - Long 101K   Southwood/Haysville - Short 73K
E1GRC/Moffat v.4 - 77K
F1Clyde Park/Dundas/Burlington/4 Hills - 99K
I1GRC/Ride for the Tarts - 92K 
J1GRC/Carlisle - Long 101K   GRC/Carlisle - Short 87K   
K1Southwood/Baden - 74K    
M1GRC/Guelph - 63K  NEW

Maps to Ride Starting Points
GRC Store Parking Lot
Clyde Park (Clyde)
Duncan MacIntosh Arena Parking Lot
Hespeler Aren Parking Lot
Monsignor Doyle School (Myers Road)
Preston Arena Parking Lot
Rockton Sports Complex Parking Lot
Southwood School Parking Lot
Townline/401 Parking Lot
Wanner Mennonite Church Parking Lot

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