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Skills & Technique
Learn basic riding skills

A great resource for MTB riders

Skills & training information for Road

Nutrition information for cyclists

Eating Right for sport

Sport specific nutrition guidance

Sport nutrition guidance

Bike Maintenance
Videos on basic bicycle maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance & repair (basic)

Everything you need to know

Helmet selection & sizing

Cycling specific eye protection

Bicycle lighting

Tire selection and types

Making cities more People Friendly

Advocate for mountain bike, and trail access across Canada.

Working to build a bicycle-friendly Ontario. 

Promoting cycling across the province as a viable mode of transportation.

Encouraging forms of active transportation, such as cycling and walking.

Know the Law
Ontario Highway Traffic Act specifics

Cycling Safety
Cycling safety and training

Ontario Bicycle Safety Guide

Competing in Ontario bicycle racing

Find a certified performance coach

Triathlon oversight organization

Governing body for competition

Cycle Touring
Resources for planning cycling trips

Resources for adventure riding