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No attitude...just people putting riders on bikes.

You'll find something different when you enter our store. While it is normally jammed full of bikes and accessories, it's also an open and inviting atmosphere. We will welcome you and we will be available when you need our assistance.

Our objective is all about getting everyone riding a bike, whether they are 3 years old looking for their first set of wheels, 35 and looking to tear up the pavement on a club road ride or 80 years young looking for a comfortable ride.

We're bike enthusiasts with experience in many types of riding who believe there is a right bike (or two) for everyone and every body. We're not local legends, no hard core racers, it's not about us...we're just in to get as many people riding as often as possible. We'll share our experience, knowledge and passion for cycling but without the attitude. 

Whether its a flat tire, a new bike or a service part, we want you on the road and riding. We listen to you're needs and do what we can to get you on the right bike. We'll spend the time with you make sure you get the right bike and we'll make it sure it runs a long time. 

Service is everything and we'll make sure you get it.