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Fit Services

We ensure every customer is properly sized to every bike we sell. All of our staff will follow a uniform bike sizing process to deliver the most appropriate frame size & initial body position on your bike before you leave the store. For performance road bike purchases, we will include an on the bike fit.

Performance Fit - $150

Through an interview & physical evaluation we will determine your ideal:
• Shoe sizing & cleat placement
• Saddle selection
• Saddle height
• Saddle fore/aft position
• Stem length & position
• Handlebar width & position
Please allow approximately 1.5 hours.

Sport Fit - $60

For riders primarily concerned with optimizing comfort for moderate group riding or touring.
• Cleat alignment check
• Body centering and forward body positioning adjustments
• On-the-bike fit session on a trainer and road check
This package requires approximately 45 minutes to complete.
This service is available for any type of bicycle.

A proper fit is essential to your comfort and performance on your bike.

Bike fitting is an optimizing process focused on pain-free riding. 
Fitting to your individual riding characteristics is the key to producing comfortable power. If you are not comfortable, you can not produce power optimally. Fit must address body size, proportional differences, riding style, muscle imbalances, back & neck pain, saddle soreness, and above all flexibility. As result, bike fitting is often an ongoing process as you become more accustomed to your bike, more physically fit or possibly desire a more aerodynamic position. Our fit service does not end after you are out the door with your first fit. We often have customers return for tweaks to your fit once you have some mileage on your new ride position.

Every rider is unique. 
The fit for every rider is different and the ultimate goal is pain-free.  Body conditioning, flexibility and medical history are all essential considerations in ensuring a comfortable ride. So It is not appropriate to adjust your bicycle by just following a formal procedure without consideration of physical differences, limitations and needs. Knowing when and how to make constructive changes takes analysis & experience.

Fitting is done by appointment only. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.

The full cost of our Performance Fit service will be credited towards the purchase of any road bike within 30 days of the paid fit.