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GRC’s focus is on a thorough assembly

Do it right the first time! We take great pride in the 50 point assembly process we follow when building your bike. The bikes come to from the manufacturer partially assembled. Some shops are satisfied with just bolting the remaining bits on, checking a few adjustments and selling the bike to you.

Our process includes a comprehensive 50 Point checklist that includes a very specific set of procedures such wheel truing off the bike, the use of specialized tools to ensure properly torque and adjusted component, all to ensure that your bike will give you as many years of reliable performance as possible.

In addition, at time of delivery the bike is checked-over again by our service department to make sure that it is still in proper tune and adjusted for your first ride.

* The New Bike Maintenance program & manufacturers warranty are not provided with used bikes purchased from our store.

Every new bicycle we sell includes a comprehensive set of services and benefits.

Free Basic Fit

When you pick-up your new bike from our store, a staff member will offer to do a basic fit. We will set your saddle height for proper leg extension, saddle fore-aft position for centering and adjust bar positions as necessary to tune the forward riding position. We will dial in that fit optimized specifically for you and you riding style.

For a purchase of a Road bike valued at $1500 or more, we include our Sport Fit Service at no charge as part of the sale.

If you require a more comprehensive fit, we offer additional Bike Fitting services for performance and multi-sport riders. 

Click for info on our other Fit Services


1 Year of Free Essential Adjustments

It is our intent to be sure that your bike is settling in properly and we want to give you some free service to accompany your new bike. We really want your ride experience to be exceptional!

Over the first year that you own your bike, we will make any required essential adjustments on an as needed basis. These services will cover any day-to-day “work-in” adjustments typically required by a new bike during it’s first year of use. Most of these services can be done same day so you won’t be without your bike too long. These services can include:

  • Drive train adjustments
  • Brake adjustments
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Hub tension
  • Tightening of accessory or component nuts and bolts as required

Other repairs and maintenance may be required and would be performed at our normal shop rates. Flats, damage due to accident or abuse, non-warranty replacement of parts and installation labor are charged at regular shop rates.


Free Safety Tune-Up

With your new bike, you will receive a coupon for a free Safety Tune-Up, valid for use within one year from date of purchase. Every bike needs a re-tune and check-over after the break-in period, preferably about 60-90 days or after about 30 hours of ride time. This tune-up includes:

  • Drive-train - Inspect, adjust and lubricate
  • Brakes and Pads - Inspect, align and adjust
  • Wheel truing - Inspect and adjust for spoke tension and roundness
  • Headset, bars, seat post and saddle - Inspect and tighten
  • Bottom Bracket - Inspect and Adjust as required
  • Tires - Inspect and inflate
  • Suspension - Inspect for leakage and function

This is not an on-the-spot service so you will normally have to leave your bike with us for this service.

1 Year Free Warranty Labour

Bike frame and component manufacturers provide warranty for the components on your bike, but do not compensate the dealer for our time in replacing warranted parts. During your first year of ownership, GRC will provide free labour on required warranty work done on any GRC purchased bicycles.

Please Note...The free services provided with your new bike are for use of the original owner on the purchased bike only and is not transferable. The current New Bike Support Plan in effect as of Dec 1/2012. This plan is not included with the sale of used bikes or demo bikes.