GRCC Ride Groups and Paces

The Basics: We provide for three types of rides allowing for different levels of road ride pace and distance.

A rider's skill level and fitness will ultimately identify the group appropriate for any one rider. The requirements are well defined, so please consider carefully your abilities before trying one of the Endurance Touring or Training pace rides. Try-Us-Out rides are usually only permitted for the Easy Pace ride.

This ride schedule will run from the beginning of April through to the last full week of September. See the Monthly Ride Schedules for specific details for each ride (start location, date, time & route).

  • Please be ready to ride at the Start time. Arrive 10 minutes early as a courtesy to other riders! We start on time, so don't expect the group to wait if you arrive during the last few minutes.
  • If it is raining at start time, we will usually cancel the ride.
  • Paces and distances for rides are set for riders on road bikes only. We allow only light drop-bar road bikes to participate. Bikes with tire widths greater than 28mm will not be able to maintain the pace.
  • Please read the Group Riding Basics page so you understand group ride procedures before you ride with us.
  • You must be a registered member to ride with our club. Any rider who joins our ride on the road who is not registered with the club, or on a test ride waiver, will be asked to leave the ride.
  • We ride as a group, look out for all riders in the group and moderate the pace to make sure all riders making the defined pace are allowed back on after hills or hard sections.

Sunday Morning Road Ride: "Endurance Touring Pace"

A brisk-paced group touring ride of 3.5-4 hours in duration with a mid-ride rest stop. First half is a moderate social ride format with a touring pace workout ride for the second half and a split into two pace groups.

Ride Distance:
Minimum of 70 km with 100+ km routes on alternating weekends, starting in May

Group Format:
1 or 2-up riding for first half, 30 second rotation paceline over last half, re-grouping after hills

First Half: Start with a 10 minute warm up at 25 kph pace, then the full group at 26-28 kph pace
15 minute rest stop approximately half-way
Last Half: Split into A and B group to finish last half

Target Average Speed
A Group: 30+ kph
B Group: 26-28 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):
A Group: 30-35 kph
B Group: 25-30 kph

Minimum Rider Requirements:
Riders joining this group must be able to maintain a minimum constant pace of 28 kph cruising speed for 70 km

Monday Evening Road Ride: "Easy Pace/Recovery Ride"

A relaxed pace group and recovery ride on rolling terrain without the pacing of a typical group pack ride. Provides an opportunity for new riders to become comfortable with group riding and get instruction from more experienced members.

Ride Distance:
Approximately 40 to 45+ km, rolling routes with few hills over a maximum 2 hour period

Group Format:
2-up riding with rotating front pairs

- Split into A and B groups, each with a designated leader and B group sweep
- A and B groups will leave together on same route
- 10 minute warm up at 20-28 kph pace
- A group will split off after 10 minute warm-up

Target Average Speed (for ride):
A Group: 29-30 kph
B Group: 24-26 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):
A Group: 28-32 kph max
B Group: 25-30 kph max

Rider Requirements:
Before joining this ride, participants should be able to maintain a minimum 25 kph average over a rolling 40-45 km route. If you cannot maintain a 25 kph pace on the flats, you will be left behind.

Wednesday Evening Road Ride: "Training Pace"

The objective of the Training Pace ride is to give riders a fixed length, hard output workout, where riders work together to share the workload and provide everyone with a good exhaustive workout. Definitely not a cruise. You should join this ride if you are looking for a "constant output" working pace ride targeted at experienced road riders. Includes a reasonable amount of climbing.


Ride Distance:
Approximately 50 to 70+ km routes, depending on the group, over a maximum 2 hour period

Group Format:
Rotating 30 second paceline after a 5 minute warmup

- Split into A and B groups, each with designated leader and B group sweep
- Start A and B together for a 10 minute warm-up at 28 kph maximum pace
- A group will break away after warm-up

Target Average Speed:
A Group: 30-32 kph
B Group: 26-27 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):
A Group: 30 - 35 kph
B Group: 26 - 30 kph

Rider Requirements:
Riders joining a Training Pace ride must be able to maintain cruising speeds and climb at a pace appropriate to the overall target average of the group. Riders who cannot hold a 28 kph average over a 40 to 50 km ride should not join this ride.

After the warm-up, the A and B groups will split with a leader setting the appropriate pace for each group, slowing as required to re-group. It is important to note that as a training ride, the pace will be maintained to achieve the target average based on the pacing range. Therefore, the group will not be waiting for riders unable to hold the pace. You may get left behind.
The groups follow the same route for the first half so that anyone who is unable to hold on to the A pace will be able to coast back and join the B group during the first half of the route. Struggling A group riders should "check their ego at the door" and roll back to participate in the B group before halfway, if necessary. As always, we will wait if there is a flat or breakdown.