(or....what you can expect at one of our road rides)

  • We are a road bike club with a lead rider setting a ride pace on each ride, for each group.

  • A route map is provided on the website for printing or for viewing on a smartphone or pc. They are not typically handed out at the rides.
  • Riders are expected to arrive at the ride 10 minutes early. All rides leave on time, as a courtesy to other riders. If you are late, you will have to catch up.

  • The rides will always begin with approximately 10 minutes of 20 to 25 kph warm-up and then move to a target of sustained pace (excluding climbs and descents).

  • Road rides are for road bikes (drop bars & tires up to 28c size). At this time, we do not offer a group to accommodate hybrids or other flat-bar style bikes.

  • Riders who are looking for a "thunder-fest" style pace and choose to go off the front and leave the leader group, you are on your own.

  • Helmets are mandatory at all times during the ride. If you show up without one or refuse to wear a helmet during the ride, you will be asked to leave the ride.

  • The leader will, at times, try to moderate pace to allow the group to stay together. Riders who are having a bad day or are unable to keep up with the group pace may decide to drop off from the group. They should always let someone know if they intend to go on their own. This should be communicated to the leader. We will attempt to have a sweep designated who can track the back of the group.

  • Rides will usually be cancelled if there is rain at the starting point at ride time. If a ride is cancelled for safety or weather reasons before "assembly" time , it is done on our Updates Page at least one hour prior to ride start.

  • All riders are expected to use standard hand & verbal signals for turns, pointing out obstacles and slowing down the pace. If you don't know the signals, just ask your leader.

  • We have not banned bikes with aero bars (tri-bars) as other groups have, but we do require that they are never to be used during the ride , regardless of your position in the groupsince they increase the risk to the whole group. Any riders who uses their aero bars during a club ride will be asked to leave the ride.

  • As a courtesy to all members, our rides, ride start areas and events are all non-smoking.

Participation Requirements

  • A "drop bar" style road bike in good repair, 700c wheels with 20-28 mm tires (no flat bars).

  • Riders will be required to sign liability waiver before riding with us.

  • Riders must meet the minimum pace capabilities as described on the Groups and Paces page.

  • Riders must have paid the club registration fee.

  • Helmets are mandatory; "no lid - no ride" policy in effect.

  • Minimum age is 16 years old.

  • Riders must carry a repair kit (tube, pump/co2, tire levers)

If you have any questions about our club, please feel free to send us an email at grcc@grandrivercycle.com

To reinforce our commitment to the safety of our riders, we maintain a Club Risk Management Plan document. The full text of the document can be viewed from the Resources page.