The GRC Bike Finder Service

At Grand River Cycle, we believe there is a right bike style and size for everyone. And we think that buying a bike should be a interactive and consultative process.... a dialogue about what you want to do on your bike and what will fit your needs ....that leads you to the ideal bike for you.

We are providing this service to assist you in identifying your requirements, to focus you in quickly on the right style of bike and so that you can get some quailified guidance on what bike is right for you.

Complete the form below, answering as many questions as possible as completely as you can. The information will be reviewed by one our staff and recommendations will be emailed to you. We hope this will be a productive and painless way for you to find the right bike.

* Please note: All information provided is confidential and will not be shared outside of GRC staff.


Examples: road only, rail trail, some pavement, gravel roads, single track, downhilling, city only, country only
Select from 1 to 3 riding types that best describe your intended use for this new bike.
Example: 2 times a week for 1-2 hours, every weekend for 3 hours, 2 hours off-road and 2 hours road per week, 4 times a month
If so, how much?
This is neccessary info for identifing frame styles and available sizes.
This question is optional, but it is helpful in determining bike type.
You may already know the types of bike your after or have other specific requirements. Detail them here