It's simple!  We love to be out there riding and so do most of our customers.

Our goal is to have a cycling club that serves riders at a variety of skill levels and one that offers a terrific social experience as well. We will always strive to provide a safe, fun and structured riding environment for our members.
Because we want to ensure a safe ride every time and all of our club road rides are structured group rides, we expect members to learn and follow basic group riding rules that we have documented here on the website.  Especially in the fast pace groups, it is imperative that riders are disciplined and predictable if we are going to have safe, fast and exhilarating rides.

Our club has Easy Pace, Touring Pace and Training Pace rides to address a variety of exertion levels but always with a focus on providing a workout of some level. Check out the information in the "Ride Groups & Paces" section for more guidance on pace.

We try to maintain the "group ride" focus and we will always try to ensure we keep an appropriate group ride attitude. If you are expecting a "to the wall" ride where the fastest guy sets the pace and everybody just struggles to keep up, we're not that kind of ride group. Our goal is to keep the group together, set a challenging pace and keep it safe.

Most of all, we're out to get a good workout and have some fun

"Cycling is a sport to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Learn from the experts, test your limits, then go explore the world." - Karen Kurreck, former world time trial champion

For more information on our cycling club, please start with our General Information page.