Grand River Cycle 60 Day Lay-Away Plan

As a convenience to our customer, in addition to the third part financing we  offer, Grand River Cycle can at its discretion offer a Layaway plan to make purchasing a bicycle or child trailer easier. 

Layaway is available on bicycles and trailers at a selling price of $500 or more with a maximum payment term of 60 days. 

The Layaway transaction conditions are as follows:

1) The required down payment for all products is 50% of the total purchase price.

2) The Deposit must be paid at time to original purchase.

3) Payments must be completed by 60 days from date of purchase.

4) Interim payments can be made at any time, with a minimum payment of $50.

No parts will be installed or product modified until the product is fully paid for.

5) Layaway is available only on products sold at the prices displayed on the standard or sale prices displayed on our product. (ie. cannot be combined with package pricing)

6) The product will be delivered to the customer only when the full invoice value are paid. GRC is not required to make the product available until all payments are received.

7) If the customer wishes to make a final payment and pickup the product, GRC reserves the right to require two (2) days prior notice to prepare the product for delivery.

8) If the product is not paid within 60 days and the customer cannot pay the balance, the sale will be cancelled and the deposit plus all payments made minus a restocking fee of 15% of the sale value will be refunded to the customer. No full refunds will be granted.

9) There are no returns on Layaway products once paid and delivered.

{ Last Revision July 2018 }