Bike Box Rental

Travelling with Your Bike

Many of our customers travel to riding events, competitions or are taking biking holidays. We now provide rentals of bike boxes to allow you to travel knowing your pride and joy will arrive and return in good condition.

Each bike box includes instructions on how to properly pack your bike, 2 axle/dropout spacers , 3 foam separators and straps.

We use Trico's Legendary Iron Case. The ultra-strong Iron Case was designed and created to take the worry out of travelling with your bicycle – period! And it’s been providing worry-free bike travel for over 20 years. You can’t enjoy your biking plans if you don’t have the strongest, easiest-to-pack, and most-manoeuvrable bike carrier on this planet, and the Iron Case has the features and the longest track record to take the fretting out of your travel plans.

Rental Rates and Conditions

  • Box Rental is $45 per week
  • $9 per day/additional day
  • Minimum rental is 3 days
  • $15 deposit taken at time of reservation
  • $400 security deposit taken at pickup and contract signing, full refunded upon return.
  • No 3rd party rentals, renter must sign rental contract

     If you travel with your bike often, we also sell the Trico Ironhorse box .

Bike Box Specifications

The image here shows the bike box dimensions and weight. Although each bike is different, our experience shows that road bikes with frame sizes over 62cm will have to have the cranks removed to fit in the box.


Packing Your Bike For Travel

To place your bike in a box the saddle and seat post, handlebars, pedals and wheels will have to be removed for packing in the box. For full suspension mountain bikes, you may have to remove the front fork as well. (watch the video link below to see the process)

Dissassembling your bike and packing it in a box will usually take 45- 60 minutes assuming some basic mechanical knowledge of the bike and basic tools. The video below show you how to pack your bike in a bike box.

A helpful ".pdf" document from our supplier is also available here to provide tips and hints on travelling with your bike and hints on packing.

If you decide you are just not up to doing the packing yourself, we will do it for you for an additional service charge of $40 with a bike box rental.